One of the great things about shooting with me is that I give you all the images from the shoot, without a watermark. That's hundreds of shots, and often over a thousand. A lot of photographers don't do that but if I was you I would want the selection to pick from! I always find it's a good problem to have trying to decide which shots you look best in :)

After the shoot I'll go through them and do processing, contrast and colour corrections on all of your images, and they will look good already. However - they are still going to be untouched by me (apart from the ones you select for me to retouch) and not have that final lick of paint on them, so please keep this in mind when you post them online.


  • Retouch your own shots (unless you are a pro)

  • Let your friend who is not a pro retouch your image

  • Put quality-reducing and sometimes frankly tacky Instagram-style filters on your images

No Guns Here, Just Headshots
— David Bowie


Please remember that, while of course you are free to use your images for as long as you wish, the copyright still belongs to me. That's the same deal with any photographer and client relationship. So if you decide to put a bad filter on a great headshot and tell everyone I took it, this reflects poorly on me, and I reserve the right to have you take any of my images down. Remember your shots reflect my work as much as they reflects yours.