• Please have your hair styled as you like and camera ready when you arrive. If you plan on putting your hair up for some looks, please bring some hair ties and let me know so we can get those shots.

  • I can recommend a few makeup artists who will be able to do your makeup and be on standby for touch-ups, availability permitting. You would contact them and pay them directly. 

  • If you're doing your own makeup, please don't overdo it - less is more. No shimmering, no glitter, no unnatural colours. 

  • Your base and foundation should be every day mascara, shadow, blush and lips.

  • Avoid bases and powders with any UV/SPF protection or titanium dioxide as this reflects light and causes highlights on your face.

  • Please also avoid shiny lip gloss for reflection.

  • Look for a nice 'photo ready' base and powder. You can go to any cosmetics shop and ask a makeup artist what they recommend for natural light photography.


  • Please have your hair styled as you like and camera ready when you arrive.

  • Any facial hair can be photographed nicely, but let me know if you're planning to shave mid-shoot and we can discuss that.

  • You don't really need any makeup, but if you have some face powder please bring it.

I Headshot In Your General Direction!
— John Cleese

Please Note

Sometimes my shoots take place outdoors and, while it's not a big issue in LA, they can be subject to cancellation at anytime for inclement weather. I always try to do the sun dance beforehand, but on occasion the British weather decides to make an appearance! As for the heat on those occasions, we're under shade and there is a nice breeze so it's usually comfortable.